These websites were formed by pupils from 8 and 9 class at the basic school in Bystré as a part of the project Culture and History of The Town Bystré and Its Surroundings on the Internet .They were formed under the guidance of Mgr.Tomáš Varga and Mgr.Jan Neudert . The translation into English was done by the English teacher Romana Báčová. The project was financially supported by MŠMT in a frame of a grant SIPVZ, 30 % of the means came from the school´s sources. Thanks to this project we managed to complete the equipment of the school with modern didactic technology (computers, a dataprojector, a printer, etc.) Pupils have gained much knowledge about the town Bystré and its surroundings while forming the websites.They have also improved their computer skills.The preparation of the websites was divided into several phases. In the first phase particular texts were prepared. All the pupils from the 8 and the 9 class participated in the elaboration. They were divided into groups, each group was working on a certain topic. The photographic documentation was formed at the same time. It was provided by certain pupils. Then the editorial work followed. There was a need to read all the texts, to correct factographic and spelling mistakes and to set up the size of the pages. This was also partly done by the group of pupils who applied for. The preparation of these websites meant several months of intensive work for all the people involved. The users must appreciate if it was successful or not.